2010 Fourth Central Scientific Instruments And Laboratory Equipment Exhibition - Laboratory

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Start time: 2010-03-23 End time: 2010-03-25 Venue: Wuhan Contact: Zhang Kai Contact Phone: 13971153732 Sponsored by: Hubei Province, China Association for Science and Technology Research Institute of Testing Technology

Sponsor: Wuhan, Hubei Province Science and Technology Museum vane Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Organizers: Hubei Science Technology Association of Test Technology Research Institute of China
China Instrument Society of Academic Committee of Scientific
Chemical Hubei Province Chemical industry Society of Professional Committee of chromatography
Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Hubei Professional Committee
Sponsor: Hubei Provincial Institute of Metrology Society of Biological Engineering of Hubei Province Instrument Society of Hubei Province, Hubei Province

Optical Instruments Learn Sponsor: Wuhan, Hubei Province Science and Technology Museum vane Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

organizing background 2009 9 20 from country Wuhan Development and Reform Commission officially approved a comprehensive national high-tech industrial base. This is in Wuhan, following the national light Electronic Industry, state and national information industry, biological industry, three professional base and obtained another gold content of the Award the higher base level, is the seventh of China's comprehensive national industrial base. To this end, Wuhan will put the next 6 years 1 trillion, the formation of 3? 5 years Sell Income over 100 billion yuan in the high-tech industry cluster. Wuhan as the "Rise of Central China" strategy of support for cities, science and education, as China's important industrial base in town, and has formed a Car , Steel, chemicals, optoelectronics, over six billion of textile and food industry chain. At the same time, Hubei Province Education , Scientific research, environmental protection, agriculture, telecommunications, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, medical, etc. have also been growing rapidly. Wuhan Optical Valley in particular biological City, traditional Chinese medicine base, Optics Valley of China and a number of proposed projects under construction start, it is scientific instruments and laboratory equipment for the tremendous market space. In addition, under construction "society" 1 +8 Wuhan City Circle has great advantage of radiation is also important to carry on the eastern industrial transfer in the center.

previous review Former sixth ZXBYQ scientific instruments in Wuhan, Chengdu successfully organized and compiled Agilent, Shimadzu, Thermo, PerkinElmer, Hash, Varian, Beckman Coulter, Sweden Fox, Sweden to Poland, Germany, Leica, Chang letters, arts, Drucker, Metrohm, Sartorius, Sha Site KG, Han Guoying Lin, Finland Decker, Germany (BRAND) Plander, general analysis of General Motors, Switzerland Wantong, Mei Adler? Toledo, a constant Shanghai, Dalian, according to Little, Merck, United States Fox, Anton Paar, Austria, Hong Kong, first up, Seiko, Tianjin and other Chinese and foreign brands exhibitors.

characteristics related activities and organizations ZXBYQ Central Scientific Instruments Exhibition will be held over the same period in Hubei Province academic exchange chromatography, biotechnology seminars, university laboratories and corporate Purchasing Information Fair to promote new products and technologies and many other supporting activities will be. In particular, by the China Instrument Society of Academic Committee of Scientific Instruments hosted the "2010 National Scientific Conference of independent innovation, and application of technology," the smooth preparations. Special exhibition will continue leading the field of domestic and foreign scientific instruments and Senior Fellow Expert Speaker at the Forum by the instrument manufacturers and users, experts and scholars doing special academic report on the latest progress of the world's scientific instruments, exchange technology and experience in instrumentation applications.

International customer service with a professional manner - the first exhibition organized tissue effects: Publishing event briefing, set up an official website to promote the implementation of the database professional audiences, the implementation of development before, during, post-show customers docking services in 110 different industry related Exhibition information published on the media coverage over more than a thousand. Hubei Province and central China focusing on machinery manufacturing, universities, research institutes, National Key Laboratory, biopharmaceuticals, environmental protection and energy, petrochemicals, health and epidemic prevention, food safety, metallurgy and mining equipment industry analysis and test center office, technology Reform Office, quality office, laboratory, physical and chemical room, quality rooms, laboratory, disease, center, technology center, agents, distributors and other responsible person on-site visits, exchange of exhibitions.
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2010 Fourth Central Scientific Instruments And Laboratory Equipment Exhibition - Laboratory

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