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" Home Appliances The countryside "," Auto countryside ", the furniture, building materials companies may also take the" countryside "route. Fujian Province Economic and Trade Conference held yesterday in Fuzhou, the reporters at the meeting was informed that the implementation of building materials to rural areas in Fujian Province this year.

2009, the state policy to stimulate consumption series, effectively promoted the growth of consumption of urban and rural areas in Fujian Province. Data show that in 2009, Fujian Province, total household appliances to the countryside Sell Product 809 000 units, sales of 1.67 billion yuan, started third in the country in 19 appliances to rural areas in Fujian city ranks fifth; Auto cumulative sales of 158,000 rural areas; Fuzhou Appliance TM to Old pilot received 79 700 units, the purchase of new 67 200 units, average daily income of less than 80 old units from an earlier soaring to about 600, average daily share also reached a new 500. Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, said Zhou Qing Union in 2010 in Fujian Province will increase policy support, in continuation of home appliances, automobile and TM to the countryside, while actively promoting the countryside to carry out building materials. It is learned that the policy has been in the research material in rural areas.

Last September, the Ministry of Commerce Circulation Industry Promotion Center, China Building International Material Circulation Association was held in Chongqing Research Council, National Research, "Building the countryside" policy is feasible. And "appliances to the countryside", "Auto rural areas" The difference is that building materials industry is not only the many varieties, including ceramics, Paint , Doors, windows, lighting more than one class, and each brand of a product is endless. How to determine the "material to the countryside," the standard catalog products, is a major focus of discussion. Ministry of Commerce, Industry Promotion Centre in circulation at that time deputy director of Dong Boyu, "Building the countryside" catalog products may consider Environmental protection Standard classification.

With medium and small cities and rural construction industry, located in the downstream industry chain, the building materials industry, considerable room for development. Building Materials Chamber of Commerce of Chongqing is expected, "Building the countryside," the market will be "Auto countryside" 3 times the market. Industry and Trade last year, picked a good

News from the economic and trade meeting on the province in 2009, the province showed a good upward trend in the industry and trade, large-scale industrial growth in June from the double-digit growth and speed up month by month, higher than the national average, is expected to total In all the industrial added value increased by about 12%. The whole year, total retail sales 441.3 billion yuan, an increase of more than 15% after adjusted for inflation increased by 18%, and 5 percent faster than the previous year.

Key projects this year, 1.4 trillion yuan to be voted

Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission Zhou Qing joint economic and trade conference yesterday in the province this year, a number of Fujian Province will promote the implementation of a total investment of 950 billion yuan more than 5800 light industries and key projects. Which accelerate key projects of Fujian level 90, a total investment of 185.325 billion yuan; in Fuzhou City of accelerating the Chemical industry Base, southeast of electrochemical and chemical removal Lung Yiu, aluminum precision aluminum Ruimin 179 with other key projects, total investment 92.31 billion yuan; Quanzhou focus on implementation of the refinery bottleneck removal projects and two integrated Project , In of oil refining, petrochemical industry in Taiwan Area Quangang key projects such as 163, a total investment of 83.42 billion yuan.

In addition, Fujian Province, will focus on cultivating 50 output Chaobai Yi Enterprise Group as well as 50 independent intellectual property rights of industry leaders, corporate mergers and acquisitions will formulate policies and measures in Fujian Province to support the enterprises in Fujian Province and the central level, cross- discuss and promote their companies to invest in Fujian docking layout.

This year, Fujian Province, Fujian and Taiwan will accelerate the establishment of industrial depth docking base, strengthen key industries, especially cross docking emerging industries, promote to the Xiamen Bay, Meizhou Bay in Fujian and Taiwan and other region-based docking clusters, Taiwan investment District, Fujian Industrial Connection professional park building.

2010 in Fujian Province, to be out in 523 key projects, total investment of 1.4237 trillion yuan, 304.4 billion yuan higher than 2009, an increase of 27.2%. Which, to be included in the construction of 364 projects, annual plans to invest 172 billion yuan, an increase of more than 24 billion yuan in 2009. Focus this year has a distinctive feature of construction, railways, highways, ports, Energy Other major infrastructure projects will be fully speed, annual plans to invest up to 99200000000 yuan, accounting for key projects across the province to 57.7%, of which the railway 25000000000 yuan, Bizeng 25%.
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Concern: The Full Implementation Of 2010 In Fujian Building Materials To The Countryside - The

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