Henan Will Become The Main Battlefield Of The South Invest Over 20 Billion A Year - North, Transfer

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The next few years, Henan Province, will become the South Construction The main battlefield: from 2009 to 2013, North Water Transfer Project in Henan Province annually invest more than 200 billion yuan, in addition to give the steel, cement, stone and other building materials industry, brought about a lot of business opportunities, but also to the dozens each year million to provide employment opportunities.

Office of Henan Province, Wang Hill South, said: "North Water Transfer Project in Henan Province is the largest investment, the most important tasks, responsibilities largest province. We will be under the guidance of scientific concept of development, build quality projects establish the image of Henan, Henan Province will transfer project into people's Clear the Air project. "

5 years, annual investment of over 20 billion
"As the North Water Transfer Project of the water source and the receiving area, Henan Province, both within the channel project, another water source projects, canal works and ancillary works, is the longest channel, covering up, Heritage Point most, the greatest investment, plans the largest province of water. "Wang Hill said the North Water Transfer project in north a construction site in Henan Province, 60.3 mu, 21.1 million people required relocation, the static investment of about 67 billion yuan, distribution 3.769 billion cubic meters of water Henan Province, supporting projects estimated total investment of 9.015 billion yuan of static.

Wang Hill briefing, North Water Transfer Project in Henan Province, the total investment (including building and takeover, immigration, water resources protection, supporting projects, etc.) over 100 billion yuan, from 2009 to 2013 years, The average annual investment of more than 200 billion yuan in Henan Province.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs each year
Wang Shan said: "The 100 billion yuan of investment to stimulate economic growth in Henan Province will play a significant role in promoting, for Henan steel, cement, stone and other building materials industry to provide a significant opportunity."

The investment intensity is estimated that each year transfer project for the next few years, Henan Province, hundreds of thousands of new jobs, so that a large number of surplus labor in rural areas of Henan Province re-employment.

Addition, according to the provincial government requirements, 569 South Danjiangkou Reservoir Resettlement Village, will build a new socialist countryside in the model village.

Build quality tree image of Henan
Order to become a pure land of South office, the Office of Henan Province, the South adhere to the principle of "a comprehensive, punitive and preventive measures focus on prevention" approach, the province of South and immigration system with no major violations and discipline, to the South and immigrants takeover of healthy and rapid development of the guarantee.

In project bidding, the provincial system of the South done to implement an expert assessment, discipline inspection and supervision departments tracking system, the provincial leadership built Authority ruling system, to ensure objective and fair, just the sun. Currently, South Henan Province has completed an investment in the construction 1.6 billion, works fine rate remain at 95% and never greater quality, safety incidents.

Wang Hill briefing, Henan Province, built works, establish the image of effort has been highly praised by the community. South Office of the State Council said many times Renzhang Ji Yao, Henan South solid work, effective, as in eastern provinces and cities have set a model 7.
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Henan Will Become The Main Battlefield Of The South Invest Over 20 Billion A Year - North, Transfer

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This article was published on 2011/01/18