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The face of the vagaries of the market, health Pig How to develop the production environment? "Guided by market and policy incentives, thousands of families rearing the intensive scale of change Cultivation . "Hunan Province Animal Husbandry Fisheries Secretary for the CAO told the author that this is the production of live pigs in Hunan Province "transfer mode, adjust the structure" of a breakthrough.

Reshuffle the market acceleration, retail phased out
2008 5 months later, pork price continued to decline. To May 6, 2009, pig purchase price fell to 9.27 yuan per kilogram, compared with same period last year plunged 45%. Rare decline to Pig Households from the 2007 profits into losses quickly. Since then, the pig farmers in Hunan province into a "winter period."

Dongkou Yang Lin in the village of Hang Heung dam pig farming group, in May 2009 just after the commissioning of encountering Pig prices Trough. "Last year we slaughter 6,300 pigs, there are still 150 yuan per head profit." Heng Li Yun, general manager of agricultural groups said their own purchase soybean meal, corn, and then processed into Feed Year, the cost to feed more than 30 million savings. Compared with free-range, scale pig obvious cost advantage.

With pork price "roller coaster", the market accelerated shuffle, retail phased out. Hang agricultural farm workers group, dam villagers Likai Jun told the writer that he had raised more than 10 pigs a year, but basically to make money a year, year and break even, and one year at a loss. 2009, "can not afford to torment" of Li Kaijun The couple to the farm when the workers down there are more than 30,000 yuan a year income is stronger than their own pigs. Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Secretary Gui Dongkou gold confirmed that in 2009, the county's 2.05 million hogs, of which large-scale breeding to slaughter than in 2007 increased nearly 30 percentage points.

In the context of the international financial crisis, capital prefer pig and other traditional agricultural projects, together with national and Hunan pigs were introduced to fan support policies and subsidies, the largest-scale pig-raising benefit. Hang pig farm groups last year for various subsidies, more than 100 million award. Tianxin Industrial Group opportunities and quality and to seize the low-cost expansion, and promote industrial upgrading, pigs and form one hundred thousand years of slaughter pigs, pigs 40,000 capacity. Animal Husbandry and Fishery Bureau of Hunan Province, according to statistics, in 2009, the province more than fifty years of slaughter pigs the size of breeding rate of 53% compared to 2000 increased by 36 percentage points. CAO said in a bid to 2015, the province's standardized large-scale breeding ratio increased to 65%.

Standard model, promoting environmental culture In the town of Liuyang puji Hunan New Street community has a "zero discharge" demonstration farm??? Liuyang Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. Fuhua pig, through ultraviolet, spray, disinfectant and sterilization procedures such as the number of Road , I was able to enter. There is no smell, no waste as cross-flow, only the occasional few more words of pig called. This 12000 square meters of bio-fermentation of pig dung to achieve "zero emissions."

Scale farmers with the increase in pig sewage treatment attention. Changsha combination of environmental pollution control, arranged 20 million yuan each year for livestock Birds Manure harmless treatment; Xiangtan City, 3 million yuan last year's arrangements to support the building 100,000 square meters fermentation bed, animal dung to promote "zero emissions" technology.

Response to pork price fluctuations, more individual investors, "Bao Tuan" development. Hunan Province has been closely-scale pig farmers in the various professional associations of cooperatives 930, involving 120,000 farmers. Hunan Province from 2008 implementation of the "1000 District 10 000 environmental farming demonstration project," focused on with three years to support new or Extension 1000 for more than 5000 years of slaughter pigs standardization of environmental zones and 10,000 breeding pigs in 1000 to slaughter more standardized scale farmers
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Hunan: Pig Industry From Backyard To Large-scale Breeding - Breeding Industry - Car Wash Equipment

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Hunan: Pig Industry From Backyard To Large-scale Breeding - Breeding Industry - Car Wash Equipment

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