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Events affecting the people of Shanxi vaccines are deep embarrassing stalemate.
3 24, waiting for some of the media in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province by a group of experts made by the preliminary findings: There have been 15 open cases and the so-called "high exposure" vaccine without any relationship "Shanxi supply of vaccine is safe."

Still experts from Shanxi, remains opaque message is still no direct contacts with the parents of all children, the conclusions and Health Department of Shanxi Province, the same as before the position is difficult to gain the trust of many people.

Previous 17 March, "China Economic Times" published a series of reports reporter Wang Keqin "Shanxi vaccine chaos investigation", said nearly a hundred children die in Shanxi, invalidity, suspected to have been exposed and vaccinated high temperature, the vaccine is related to the event this storm blew in Shanxi vaccine.

With the incident originated in the reports of corruption, after several years, eventually evolving into a sensation in society, public events. The local government for the incident response and performance, the public power of arrogance, indifference, ambiguity and closed distinctly present.

Relevant departments of Shanxi Province, is experiencing an unprecedented crisis of confidence. Many of the media and the legal profession that the only organization authority, neutral group of experts carefully identified and informed of the complete findings, will it be possible to regain public trust.

CDC personnel changes in Shanxi Province
"It's actually an old thing three years ago, and now being turned out." Shanxi Disease Control and Prevention Centre (CDC Shanxi Province), who declined to name the staff complained to correspondents that the so-called "high exposure" vaccine, is not the crux of the problem, but the game's tools.

He was referring to the game, in fact, Shanxi Province in 2005 due to a series of CDC personnel changes.

Year in January, was transferred to the former Director of the Centre Mei Zhiqiang, deputy director of Family Planning Commission of Shanxi Province. In March, the center director Li Wenyuan, emergency office to become number one. In July, when he was chief of the Chentao An information management was Li Wen-yuan notice out of his post, to the Logistics Property Management Division in sundry services.

Chen Taoan asked the reasons just explained, Li Wen-yuan is the party's decision. Soon after, the year in October, the supply of biological products in Shanxi Province CDC station Chen Hongsheng, Zhang Jun, deputy Webmaster book stopped working, disinfection supplies after the transfer center will be responsible for people. In the same year in December, Finance Chief Dubi Jie dismissed.

Chen Taoan worked for People's Liberation Army tank brigade reconnaissance company commander in 1987 to go into the Health and Epidemic Prevention Station of Shanxi Province (Shanxi Province, formerly CDC) in the same year was admitted to Capital University of Medical Biological Engineering, studying medicine software technology . After graduation, Chen Taoan return to CDC, involved in information management, etc., in Shanxi Province in 1997 to become chief of the CDC information management.

Chen Taoan in 2001 also received "model worker in Shanxi Province" title. CDC in Shanxi Province, a veteran serving in his high praise, calling him "and pure professionals." Search China HowNet, you can find several articles Chentao An Mei Zhiqiang, director of the original research paper co-signed. Chen Taoan also proud to introduce: "The first set of national child immunization management software that I developed." He vaccine management and immunization familiar.

For this to change Chen Taoan was hard to understand. After 2007, he discovered that the reason they have been mobilized, possibly because of prejudice Li Wen-yuan, and became man "business" of the "stumbling block."

He called "business" related to the vaccine. June 1, 2005 start of the "vaccine distribution and vaccination regulations" ("the Ordinance"), to allow vaccine production, wholesale enterprises to disease prevention and control, vaccination units, vaccine wholesalers


Type II vaccine.
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Shanxi Vaccine: Report From The Insider Corruption Attempted - Shanxi Vaccines - The Pharmaceutical

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Shanxi Vaccine: Report From The Insider Corruption Attempted - Shanxi Vaccines - The Pharmaceutical

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