Zhejiang Province To Become Turtle Breeding Culture Of Nearly 350 000 000

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Our province has been one of the country's turtle big province, but the news from the Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, currently our province is rapidly become one of Yang Gui big province. The end of 2005, Zhejiang Province, close to the terrapin culture volume of 350 million, according to the resident population of the province, equivalent to 7 per person.

 With the constant improvement of living standard, consumption of turtle populations increased. Meanwhile, the turtle as a pet into the pet market, sales increased year by year. Yang Gui has been no small market potential. As the turtle industry competition, the market price all the way down on the turtle. To avoid the risk of many turtle families, have changed Yanggui; also part of the big turtle, in addition to breeding turtles, the turtles also add all kinds of farming. Especially after 2003, the rapid increase in our province turtle farmers.

 At present, the province's aquaculture species turtle to turtle, yellow pond turtle, red ear painted turtles, snakes and snapping turtles dominate, and to turtles, red ear turtle the most popular color. Rough estimate, the end of 2005, our province close to the terrapin aquaculture 350 million, of which more than 3,000 million for the turtles. Experts believe that the situation in our province Turtle farming culture can be simply summarized as the momentum of growth, diversification of farmed species, farming area scale, the number of intensive breeding, the process of industrialization of farming.

 According to "Zhejiang regional distribution of freshwater aquaculture Advantage Plan (2003? 2007)," TRAFFIC aquaculture development in our province will be targeting are: the formation of the province, "the vicinity of an area." "Area" means the Hangjiahu industrial zone, "an area" means the Ningbo Industrial Zone Introduction to the end of next year, will reach 8 million mu of breeding area, yield 50 thousand tons, production value of 2.5 billion, 20 million U.S. dollars export .

 In recent years, deep processing of products in our province Turtle diversified. For a long time, turtles and more in the form of fresh seafood supply market. But with the turtles breeding industry, deep processed products continue to emerge. Types to be processed by the terrapin turtles, tortoises and turtles red ear color-based. Products in the form of fresh frozen products, canned food; flake, powder and oil-like health food is the main development targets.

 TRAFFIC aquaculture development in our province, industry associations came into being. According to statistics, the existing 23 turtles province cooperatives; municipal associations 5. Province's cities, towns and districts in all provinces terrapin Industry Association is the largest number of the most dense distribution; one village, town, the most rapid development of the terrapin cooperatives. Leading enterprises in our province the number of turtles are also a lot of farming. Rough statistics, the province turtles breeding up to more than 20 leading enterprises, and the household's area of more than 200 acres. Leading enterprises of industrialization, not only to the medium and small farmers to enter the market, but also greatly improved the quality of the tortoise and turtle breeding industry and the industrialization level of safety.

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Zhejiang Province To Become Turtle Breeding Culture Of Nearly 350 000 000

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This article was published on 2010/10/22